psicoterapia e psicologia a cagliari centro
pricologia ,ansia ,depressione, stress. perdita del lavoro
psicoterapia con aru e ciacci a cagliari centro
psicologi aru-ciacci a cagliari centro
psicoterapeuti a cagliari centro aru e ciaccio
psicoterapeuti aru e ciaccio a cagliari centro
psicoterapeuti aru e ciaccio a cagliari centro
psicoterapeuta aru e ciaccio a cagliari centro
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A scuola di rispetto 2020/2021

The school of respect starts in Elmas.

Since 2017, the non-profit  organization "Balance for social well-being", with the collaboration of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio, has been committed to preventing and  combating violence in  relationships through a prevention project called "A S.cuola di Respetto". Continue ....>

In Elmas students respect school

The pandemic has disrupted our daily lives, and in particular that of adolescents. Social distancing and quarantine have had a profound impact on the psyche of many young people, in a phase of life that is already particularly complex in itself. Continue ....>